Banking/Financial Law& Capital Market Law

The vast expansion of the investment products market in Greece, the promotion of complex investment products –formerly available only to professional investors– to private investors and the elimination of the distinction between investment and commercial banks led to harsh and unprecedented incidents in Greece and Cyprus. The often aggressive marketing adopted by investment firms regarding the promotion of investment strategies and solutions along with the advertisements using enticing slogans such as ‘absolute return’, ‘guaranteed’, and ‘hedged growth’, or advertising "returns far in excess of deposit account returns that are currently available from banks" are often proven to be deceitful or mean something different from what the prospective investors have understood.

Our firm, having undertaken many cases related to a wide range of issues arising from the offer of investment and financial instruments, has acquired great experience in banking law and capital market law matters and has developed the necessary know-how, required for solving our principals' cases, always aiming at their best possible defence on civil, criminal and administrative level.

At the same time, our firm is cooperating with internationally recognized economists, financial advisors and experts on banking and insurance matters who contribute high-level technical know-how to the legal services we provide.