Levy of execution

What one aims through levy of execution is the satisfaction of the creditor toward the debtor up to the amount of the first's legal claims according to the principle of proportionality. Namely, objective of the law is not to exhaust and drain the debtor nor lead to the creditor's enrichment. The multitude of information and the depth of the knowledge an advocate in such cases must master has made our company's expertise in said matter necessary as it became obvious that many of the cases that arrived at our firm for our associates to handle at the very last stage, when the judicial proceedings had been already completed, the effort needed by our associates was even greater as often they had to correct omissions and mistakes which emerged during the procedure. "I&M Markoulakos and Associates" having acquired a great experience, undertakes your representation as creditors, providing you with an enforcement order (e.g. payment order) in order for the levy of execution against your debtor to be expedited, as well as debtors, through exercising legal remedies (e.g. caveat, suspension application).