Adverse reactions to medicinal products & Medical Law

The pharmaceutical companies have placed in the market medicinal products which aim to cure almost any disease known to man. Nonetheless, medicines constitute a special category of products as they are immediately linked to the aggravation or improvement of the user's health, while in some cases our own life depends on whether we take certain medicines or not. Still, almost on a daily basis, international, European and national health protection bodies are alerting people concerning the sideffects of defective and dangerous medicines which the pharmaceuticals are forced to withdraw from the market, after however having already made a fortune at the expense of the health or even the life of multiple patients who were seeking for a cure.

Our qualified associates handle cases of claims due to physical damage the user has suffered by the defective medicines. Furthermore, our team undertakes cases of compensation due to malpractice during the performance of medical acts at the expense of the health or even the life of a patient. The field of law concerning malpractice cases constitutes a specialized area of activity, constantly growing in Greece as well, with a multitude of lawsuits and actions against natural (medical doctors) or against health units and clinics.