Research and Study of Banking/Financial and Stock Market issues

We have undertaken forinternational organizations andlarge Greek firmsthe drafting of legal and economic studies concerningthe capital adequacy of insurance, banking and other companies. We do not solely depend on the published data, but on the contrary we realize in depth research of the real financial condition of the firms under investigation, by evaluating their present and their future state.

Ourteamconsists ofqualified lawyers, economists, stockbrokers - financial engineers and chartered accountants who cooperate in order for the research to be complete with no blind spots. Our services have been contracted, principally, by prospective investors in order for them to assess whether a potential investment would be to their interest, as well as by injured parties who wished to know the financial condition of the companies with which they transacted and find out what actions could they take in the future in order to recuperate the money they lost.

Our provenknow-how and experience in this field, along with the fact that until today we are the only firm in Greecehaving the ability and capacity to handle such complex cases, renders us pioneers in this field.