Corporate restructuring and provision of consultancy services

Under the current harsh financial conditions which have  dramatically shifted the market's rules, a businessman who is feeling insecure concerning the future of his business,  must find a viable and realistic way-out in order to safeguard and keep his company in business. In this context, our firm is called upon to provide consultancy services and, at the same time, the appropriate and efficient solutions aiming at the continuation, development, restructuring and recovery of the company through the achievement of a settlement between the businessman-debtor and his creditors. 

The objective of our firm is  to provide consultative services towards achieving an agreement among the creditors and its subsequent validation by the Court. This agreement may include, based on the relevant legislation, any settlement of the assets and liabilities of the debtor, changes in the terms of the debtor's liabilities and the reduction of the claims, change of the interest rate, the arrangement of the creditors' relationship between themselves concerning the repayment priority, partial sale of the debtor's assets etc..