Administrative Disputes - State liability

In comparison with other law fields, the Administrative Law and the disputes arising thereof present a particular interest for us as we have on several occasions witnessed the inequality typical in the legal relationship developed between citizens and the bodies of state machinery, inequality which in order to be efficiently corrected requires swift extrajudicial and judicial actions. 

Having acquired significant experience in matters related to Administrative law during the advocacy of private individuals, legal and natural persons before judicial and administrative authorities concerning violations of their rights arising from actions or omissions of the Administration and having developed the proper logistics we undertook the advocacy of the former insured of ASPIS PRONOIA AEGA against any party responsible and especially against the Greek State, instituting hundredths of damages claims.

Our experience and the successful resolution of complex and specialized legal matters enables us to provide legal support in cases of damages claims against the State, cases of constitutional rights, tax or customs violations, debt settlements toward the State, individual complaints against administrative acts, urban planning matters etc.