ASPIS Finance PLC Case

Our firm has undertaken the judicial proceedings for the bond holders of ASPIS FINANCE PLC, who upon the revocation of T-Bank's operation license (former Aspis Bank) -guarantor of their bonds and sole shareholder of the issuing corporation Aspis Finance PLC- were faced with the nullification of their bonds' value.

Our know-how in this kind of case guarantees the best possible outcome of each case, whether this is handled on an individual or on a collective level. Furthermore, many ASPIS Finance PLC bonds were forwarded to a significant number of consumers, the portfolio management of whom was undertaken by ALPHA BANK, without a prior lawful notification concerning the true properties of said bonds (specifically, who had issued them and who is in essence the guarantor), a reason for which the legal process we are carrying out is directed against Alpha Bank. Your funds are not lost, nonetheless, a proper legal procedure is required for the funds to be reimbursed.

The relevant actions hearing is expected.