Since September 2009 and the collapse of the ASPIS Group, our firm has undertaken the cases of thousands of ASPIS CAPITAL bonds holders and to this day, we have already succeeded in obtaining positive court orders pursuant to which, as an injunction, a prenotation of mortgage was entered over the real estate of Psomiadis family and of several companies of the same family's interests.

Concerning the progress of the ordinary actions before the Multi-member Court of First Instance of Athens, we inform you that these have been adjourned in order to be jointly heard on 07.05.2015 (in order for the criminal proceedings to have been completed until then).

Additionally, concerning the case of ASPIS CAPITAL, criminal proceedings have been instituted that are already in progress since May at the Three-Member Court of Appeals for Felonies with Pavlos Psomiadis, Maria Psomiadi and Olga Psomiadi as defendants, accused of fraud and money laundering at the expense of their bond holders.